Our Team

Our Other Professional Resources

Our Other Professional Resources

As needed, we take a collaborative approach with other professionals that will help bring your plan to life. This additional expertise is part of our process to help you synthesize your financial life.

Our Strategic Partners Include:

  • Specialized Trust Structures
  • Complimentary Business Valuations by BizEquity
  • PremiumLife™ Life Insurance Premium Financing
  • Employee Retention Credit Resources
  • Cost Segregation Tax Advisors
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Property and Casualty Brokers
  • Retirement Plan Administrators
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Offer & Compromise Specialists
  • Residential Realtors
  • Commercial Bankers
  • Business Law Attorneys

VWM's process adds perspective to all we do for our clients. By leveraging a deep background of financial study and planning experience, our goal is to guide you along your path to financial independence and turn your lifelong dreams and goals into actionable financial accomplishments.

Meet Our Team

Raymond R. Russo

Financial Planner & The Money Maestro




Ray started his business career in 1978 and brings a depth of experience in entrepreneurship, real estate and the financial services industry to help clients maximize their resources, reduce taxes and realize their ultimate goals and dreams using his proprietary process called, “The Orchestrate FORMula”.

When Ray works with clients, he sees the process as an orchestrated one that combines multiple disciplines, culminating purposefully, into a work of art . . . your life! His own father had worked decades to become a 7 figure a year cash flow entrepreneur, only to die at a fairly young age with nothing but debt to show for a lifetime of hard work primarily due to lack of a financial education and guidance. I vowed never to see that happen again to anyone, and through that experience, my passion for planning was born. No one’s life should end up a statistic, a financial negative!

Mary Anne Petty

Director of Operations



Mary is responsible for scheduling appointments, following up on client service requests, assisting with clients during the onboarding process including account technology, and providing administrative and advisor support. She keeps the front of the office running smoothly and ensures a warm, welcoming environment for clients as they engage with us.